2018 Fecon BH47EXC


2018 Fecon BH47EXC

$34,646 (USD)

Edmonton, Canada


This 2018 Fecon BH47EXC has the FGT Rotor with new tools, giving you four different teeth options. All our units go through service to ensure they either meet or exceed Fecon specifications, meaning anything under 50% will get replaced. This unit is designed to mount 12-20 ton excavator and requires 27-50 GPM. The existing chipper teeth that are shown in the fourth picture can still be reversed to expose a new cutting edge. While a new double carbide tip tool that will fit the rotor, and the 4 different teeth / tools are shown in the fifth and sixth pictures respectively. $33,000 USD with New Viking Chipper Teeth $34,000 USD with New Double Carbide Tools Manufacturer Page